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French Polynesian massage for pregnant women

50 min | 69 €

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The soothing rhythm of the French Polynesian massage ritual at Cinq Mondes calms and directs thoughts to a positive wave.

Pregnancy is a very important time in every woman's life.  Apart from the exciting anticipation, pregnancy also brings about a number of changes in the woman's body. Changes in the body that accompany a woman during pregnancy can cause ailments (backaches, heaviness in the lower back, hips and legs, as well as tension in the shoulder girdle and neck, leg cramps, sleep disorders, swelling, "dying" of the hands).  All ailments can be alleviated with a massage. Massage during pregnancy is oriented towards preventing and alleviating the discomforts associated with pregnancy. Together with relaxing breathing, the massage helps the woman's body prepare for childbirth. It calms his nervous system and, at the same time, increases the secretion of well-being hormones (endorphins and serotonins), which in turn have a calming effect on the child. The expectant mother could start going to the massage in the second trimester, especially first-time mothers should keep this in mind. The smoothing and swinging movements, pressing and light stretching used in the ritual create a balance between the soul and the body. The massage provides relief for swollen legs, aching back muscles, and general circulation improves, along with a general feeling of well-being. If the doctor or midwife has not discovered abnormalities in the normal course of pregnancy or in the state of health, the expectant mother can come for a massage.


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