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At LaSpa we are committed to sustainable operations across all levels, from the food we source and serve to how we clean our rooms, to the smart solutions that help us save energy.

We follow the seasons, and we source our products locally from small-scale farmers and makers like Äntu, Eesti Seenefarm, Saida, Kolotsi, Lauri– Jaani farms. We celebrate Estonian and Nordic craftsmanship, cooking techniques, and traditions in our choice of food and drinks. Zero-waste, health and sustainability are essential parts of our philosophy. We believe a healthy body and a conscious mind contribute to a happy planet.

We believe in

  • Respecting and loving the nature around us, all we do, we do with care, keeping the best in mind for our surrounding pine forest and white sandy beaches
  • Supporting local farmers and businesses, we always strive to source our products locally
  • Using our natural resources, our tap water is fresh and clean to drink, it comes from right here in Laulasmaa from our own source on LaSpa land.
  • Leaving behind a clean environment, we love recycling, and zero waste also in food preparation, we turn our biowaste into compost in 24 hours using the latest technical solutions that we use in our gardens.
  • Using renewable energy as much as possible; there are more than 290 solar panels on our roofs that help to cover our energy needs.
  • Using smart solutions to save energy, our new beach house rooms are equipped with the latest smart technology to guide energy consumption, and most of our lights are already low-consumption illuminators.
  • Using organic materials as much as possible, in-room decore, in the towels and sheets, curtains and table cloths.
  • Following the seasons and finding a balance between the use of heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Paper-free bookkeeping allows us to enjoy the trees not print on them.

Our solar roof

We make the best of our sunny location by the beach, covering an area of 1200m2 with 290 solar panels in a total of 95,7 kW. The solar panels have been in full working mode since 2020 and yearly, we produce about 78 000 kWh of energy. In total, this is about 3-4% of our overall energy needs, in summer days about 14%.
CO2 reduction in these three years has been about 235 497 t.
On average, we produce 16,9 kWh of energy in a day but during summer days, the production can be 600 kWh a day versus 0 kWh during dark winter days.

2022 has gifted us more than usual sunny days, thus we hope that this year we will break the record of energy production. Stay tuned …

Sustainable gastronomy

We combine the best Estonian cookery and culinary traditions with impulses from the Nordics by using organic and local products farmed and sourced from near Laulasmaa. We aspire to offer you various locally produced and interesting beverages along with our menu. Learn more here about our small-scale producers and makers.