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Meet our friends  – the makers

Without our local farmers, foragers and small scale producers we wouldn’t survive.
Their products, from the forest, sea and fields, empower our dishes and combined with our own flowers and herbs – we reach for the stars.

In this section, we would like to introduce some of our friends that make Wicca possible.

Organic free grown chickens from Äntu in our dishes

Organic free grown chickens have more space in the hens and if they feel like they can nap on the wooden ladders. When the weather is warm they walk around the yard, thus they have considerably better living conditions than chickens grown in big factories.

On organic chicken farms, the chicken are fed organically grown food, produced right there on the Äntu manor house grounds. This food does not contain traces of fertilizers and is GMO free.

Free grown organic chickens live considerably longer than chickens in the factories.
Thanks to all the above the organic free grown chicken meat is culinary much more valuable and delicious.

Dairy products from Saida dairy farm

FROM THIS FARM, WE SOURCE our breakfast cheeses, yoghurts and curds for pastries.

Saidafarm OÜ has been an ecological farm with eight owners since 1992. Since the beginning, no toxic chemicals or chemical fertilizers have been used on this farm.

Since 1994 they have processed all the milk in their small dairy and are making cheeses, curds, curd creams and yoghurts.
See more on Saidafarm’s website.
Read more from Saida farm website

Cheeses from Kolotsi farm

FROM THIS FARM we source cheeses for our menus

Kolotsi farm is located in South Estonia in Haanja natural park territory. The farm grows goats and makes cheese from goat’s and cow’s milk.

Kolotsi farm wants to provide its animals with the most species-specific living environment possible. Therefore, all their goats can walk freely in the woods and meadows. The richness of the food goats consume reflects in the taste of the milk and later in the taste of the cheese.

Read more from Kolotsi farms website

Pizza cheese from Viinamärdi farm and dairy

FROM THIS FARM we source cheese that we use in our pizzas at resto Verde

The first Italian soft cheeses made at the Viinamärd dairy farm were Burrata, Straccatella and Mozzarella, which are handmade from pure and natural cow’s milk from the Viinamärd farm. In addition, there are more than a hundred dairy sheep in the farm’s herd, from whose milk various sheep’s dairy products are produced, mainly of Italian origin.

Read more from Viinamärdi farm and dairy webpage

Tubri goat farm

FROM THIS FARM we source ingredients for our Restaurant Wicca desserts.

Tubri goat farm offers goat’s milk products such as low-pasteurized goat’s milk, goat’s curd, goat’s milk yoghurt and halum cheese.

Read more from Tubri goat farms Facebook page

Foto: Tubri Kitsekasvatustalu

Mushrooms from Eesti Seenefarm mushroom farm

FROM THIS FARM we source mushrooms that we use in our restaurant Wicca dishes

Eesti Seenefarm grows gourmet and edible mushrooms on Estonian raw materials. Residual sawdust from the wood industry and residual straw from harvesting are used as raw materials. They make mushroom bags themselves from start to finish. From culture to ripe mushrooms, the Oyster mushrooms and Lion’s mane grow under the watchful and high-quality eyes of the Eesti Seenefarm in thermo-containers in Kullamaa, Lääne-Nigula municipality.

Read more from Eesti Seenefarmi webpage

Sprouts from Luxveg

HERE WE SOURCE sprouts to our dishes

Luxveg OÜ is a family business whose main activity is the cultivation of micro-sized spices, edible flowers and more exclusive mini vegetables. They can be called pioneers in the field in Estonia, having been operating in it for more than ten years.

Read more from Luxveg OÜ webpage

Black garlic from Must Küüslauk OÜ

HERE WE SOURCE black garlic from

Black garlic is made only from garlic grown organically in Estonia. These plants have not seen any plant protection products or artificial fertilizers. After timely harvesting, the garlic is allowed to dry on the ground for some time. The garlic is then cleaned and cooked at low temperature and high humidity for weeks.

Read more from Must Küüslauk webpage

Quince from VinkymoOÜ

FROM HERE WE source our quince that we use in a variety of ways in restaurant Wicca, resto Verde and in pastries.

Vinkymon OÜ is a family-owned company founded in 2012. The company specializes in the cultivation and processing of Estonian superfoods quince and garlic.
Goods is grown in Ärina village, Väike-Maarja municipality. All home-grown products are processed and packaged in the company’s workshop.

Read more from Vinkymon OÜ webpage

Jahu- Jaan flowers

FROM THIS FARM we source flours from which we bake all our breads, pastries and cakes.

Lauri-Jaani Farm, one of the first organic farms in Estonia, is located in Kiviküla, near Haapsalu. They have been growing crops in their fields for 30 years, and today they also grind flour using a traditional stone mill. Genuinely and mildly – without compromising food and health through synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Stownmill flowers are unique and original. The grain grown in the rocky fields of Lääne County have excellent taste features and high quality, which helps to achieve even more delicious end result.

Read more from Jahu- Jaani farm webpage

Raw buckwheat from RemedyWayst

FROM HERE we source raw buckwheat and products from it

RemedyWay OÜ operates in everything that is related to human health: publishing handbooks on health; making honey blends from natural raw material, raw buckwheat sweets and snacks; buckwheat shell products; cosmetic salves.
RemedyWay was created to promote the results of Virgo and Ljudmilla Mihkelsoo’s 20 years’ worth of work, and to bring their ideas and experiences to the people and the international market.
RemedyWay is the leading raw buckwheat manufacturer and distributor in Estonia.

Read more from Remedyway webpage

Järveotsa vutifarm

SIIT SAAME ME vutid, mida restoran Wiccas pakume

Matjama quail farm was established in 1978 by the local Forestry Institute. Since 2001 The farm operates under the name Järveotsa quailfarm. There are 10,000 main flock birds in the lake quail farm. The main products are quail eggs and meat. The farm produces up to 12 million eggs and 25 tons of meat per year. Production is mainly sold in Estonia, to a small extent also in Finland.

Read more from Järveotsa quailfarm webpage

Meats from Muhu Liha

HERE WE SOURCE lamb thong, lamb liver, smoked sausage

Muhu Liha Commercial Association brings together sheep and cattle breeders on Muhu island.
The members of the cooperative raise sheep and cattle on the island of Muhu. The aim of the Muhu Meat Commercial Association is to offer delicious meat from happy sheep and cattle raised in Estonian meadows. All raw materials come from Estonian farms and the products are made on the island of Muhu.

Read more from Muhu Liha webpage

Meat from Liivima Lihaveis and Liivima Uluk

FROM HERE WE SOURCE beef and game meats

The company started out as a group of enthusiastic farmers who believed that the welfare of our animals is the key to the best quality beef. As their farms are organic and the animals are fed only on grass – they created the state-certified grass-fed beef quality scheme. They found out that the grasslands of Estonia are amongst the richest natural grasslands in the world. All animals that are raised according to the scheme are living in their natural environment, grazing on pastures in summer and feeding on hay in the wintertime. Besides the fact that the animals are stress-free and happy, this way of managing the grasslands is also good for the environment. The meat from organic grass-fed beef is super tasty, it’s also very nutritious and rich in healthy fats and vitamins.

Read more from Liivima Lihaveise webpage

Freeze-dried Estonian berries from Freezeday

freeze-dried berries

In 2011, the founder of Freezedry OÜ, Mermi, was looking for freeze-dried strawberries in a retail network that would not have added sugars in them. Searches failed. In this way, the founder of Freezday had no choice but to learn how to make perfectly freeze-dried strawberries, which would have the original sweet taste and smell of Estonian strawberries. Today, they are the first and only factory in Estonia using freeze-drying technology.

Read more from Freezeday webpage