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Pets in the hotel

Four legged guests

Four-legged guests
You are very welcome to our hotel.
For guests with pets, we offer accommodation on the first floor of the main building of LaSpa Hotel in Standard Twin Rooms, where it is comfortable to stay with a pet, there are no carpets on the floors, and the rooms have easier access to the yard.
Pets are not allowed in our hotel’s restaurants, water and sauna center, or in our wellness Spa Naudi.
Our large yard area is a great walking environment for pets, but we ask that pets always move around the hotel on a leash; the hotel can ask the dog to use a muzzle if necessary. Throughout the visit, the pet owner is responsible for the cleanliness of their pet and ensures that their pet does not disturb other guests.

  • Pet charge 20€ / per day

Pet surcharge 20 € / day.
The price includes accommodation for a pet in one room with the owner. The room can accommodate 1 pet.
Let us know about your pet when booking a hotel room by writing to, and we will find a room suitable for your pet. The number of rooms for pets is limited in the hotel.

Additional information from phone +372 6870 800

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Traveling with your pet

  • Allow enough time to get there so that you have time to have small brakes for your pet.
  • Bring your pet’s sleeping mat, food and drink.
  • When a pet has its own toy with them, it is easier to be in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Explore the surroundings of the hotel with your pet. Do not leave your pet alone in the hotel room for a long time. However, if you have to leave the animal alone in the room, make sure that it does not get out of the room.
  • Put a “Pet in the room” sign on the outside of the hotel room door, so cleaning ladies e can take this into account.