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Pine Cone Sauna

  • Temperature 95°
  • Recommended to use max 10 min

Our pine cone sauna is inspired by the magnificent pine forest surrounding us and it’s an upgrade on a traditional Finnish sauna. You can adjust the temperature by choosing either lower or higher steps. Air in the sauna is hot and dry, water thrown on the hot stones brings about a steam cloud that humifies the room for some seconds. Pinecone sauna is meant to be enjoyed for a longer time but we recommend cooling yourself from time to time in our outdoor pool or under a cold shower.

Pine cone sauna I Saunas in LaSpa hotel
Aroma Sauna I Saunas in LaSpa hotel

Aroma Sauna

Temperature 75°

Recommended to use max 20 min

Aroma sauna has a bit lower temperature than our Pine Cone Sauna but it is still a hot sauna with dry air. It is an ideal place to relax, it helps to make breathing easier and elevates the senses. Uplifting aromas create positive emotions and create a feeling of wellbeing.  

Steam Sauna

  • Temperature 60°
  • Recommended to use max 20 min

Hot steam cleanses the skin and the heat helps to open up pores and accelerates the chemical processes in the body that help to remove toxins. The blood circulation improves and metabolism starts to work quicker, which results in brighter complexions and a more toned body. 100% humidity helps to alleviate breathing and chronic illnesses and has a positive effect on different skin conditions. 

Steam Sauna I Saunas in LaSpa hotel
Salt Steam Sauna I Saunas in LaSpa hotel

Salt Steam Sauna

  • Temperature 45°
  • Recommended to use max 10 min

Hot steam releases pure salt vapour into the air whilst you relax in the serene surroundings.

  • The inhalation of salt particles has been known to have benefits as:
  • Offer relief from respiratory conditions as asthma, bronchitis as well as allergies
  • Help with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Aid with sleep and relaxation


Temperature 50°

Recommended to use max 30 min

This sauna with low temperature and medium humidity is a great fit for people who do not enjoy that much heat. Lower temperatures and just the right humidity allow you to stay in the sauna for a longer time and help to relax both body and mind.

Sanarium I Saunas in LaSpa hotel
Wood Heated Outdoor Sauna

Wood Heated Outdoor Sauna

Temperature 95°

Our traditional wood-heated sauna with high temperatures is suitable for true sauna lovers. After throwing water at hot stones and enjoying “leil*” cooling yourself in the outdoor pool in front of the sauna brings the feeling of true bliss.

*enjoying a hot steam cloud brought about throwing water at hot sauna stove stones.