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We are located in Laulasmaa, only 35 kilometres from Tallinn, on a beautiful natural peninsula between the sea and the pine forest. This is how to get here:

By airplane + taxi or rental car

Estonia is very close. The flight time from Stockholm, for example, is around one hour. SAS, Air Baltics, Norwegian, Ryan Air and several other airlines are flying to Tallinn.

Once at Tallinn Airport, the most comfortable way to reach us is by taxi. You are at LaSpa in Laulasmaa in only 45 minutes and you can just sit back and relax during your transfer. We recommend Premium Taxi, contact them at, and they will arrange a pick up in a luxurious Mercedes. The cost is around EUR 60 one way.

The rental car is a smart solution, especially if you plan to continue your trip around Estonia after your stay with us.

Arriving to LaSpa by car

Driving from Tallinn takes only 45 minutes. Head towards Laulasmaa. Take Paldiski maantee (Road 8), Kiia-Vääna-Viti (Road 410), Vääna-Keila-Joa (Road 411) and Tallinn-Rannamõisa-Kloogaranna to Laulasmaa. Once you have reached the village, drive straight. After approximately 800 meters, you will see a signpost to the LaSpa Laulasmaa. Turn right onto Lauresi tee. One of our two parking lots is located at the left side of the road and the second when you drive towards the pine forest at the hotel territory.

Google maps directions

Arriving to LaSpa by boat

Tallink-Silja Line, Viking Line, and Eckerö Line ferry lines operate year-round with tours between Helsinki-Tallinn & Stockholm-Tallinn. From the boat terminal, you can choose to come by car, taxi or bus. Please see above and below.

Arriving at LaSpa by Bus

The most economical way to reach LaSpa and Laulasmaa from Tallinn is by buses 127 and 128.

Departing from Balti Jaam (Central train station):
Bus No. 127 (Mon–Sun) to Laulasmaa bus stop
Bus No. 128 (Mon–Sun) to Laulasmaa bus stop

Lohusalu tee bus stop is located near the main road. At the bus stop, walk ahead app. 55m to the main road and then turn to the right, walk app. 70m and then turn to the right again onto the road leading to the hotel (Lauresi tee).

Laulasmaa bus stop is located approximately 700 meters from the hotel. At the bus stop, walk ahead app. 200m and then turn to the right onto the road leading to the hotel (Lauresi tee).