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Day spa packages

Day Spa

Duration 1,5h135 €

Sun package

  • Body Scrub with Aromatic, Precious Spices (20 min.)
  • Tonifying Indian Ayurveda Ritual (50 min.)
  • Five Tropical Flowers Ritual for Face (20 min.)
Day Spa

for two160€

Hold Eachothers Hands

• Dual massage with beach – rose oil
• Water and sauna centre usage for 2,5h
• Healthy smoothy in Naudi LaSpa

Day Spa

Duration 2h119 €

Scrubs and wraps in Naudi Spa I LaSpa spa hotel

Beautiful silhouette

  • Aromatic Bath with a Head Massage
  • Energizing Aromatic Scrub
  • Purifying Detox Wrap
Day Spa

Duration 3,5h175 €

Head massage I LaSpa spa hotel Laulasmaa

Just beautiful

  • Relaxing North African Massage Ritual
  • Five Tropical Flowers Ritual for Face
  • Classic Manicure
  • Classic Pedicure
Day Spa

ca 2h142 €

Resto Verde I Laulasmaa

For dear mother

  • Tightening Brazilian Massage ritual 30 min.
  • Lifting and Plumping “Ko Bi Do” facial 50 min
  • Classic Manicure 60 min.
  • A delicious gift made by LaSpa bakers with a personalised message to your mother from our Head Chef Angelica Udeküll.
Day Spa

Duration 1,5h119 €

Naudi spa in Laulasmaa I LaSpa spa hotel

Day for you

  • Aromatic Bath with a Head Massage
  • Iconic Facial and Body Ritual
  • Revitalizing and Soothing Leg Massage
Day Spa

family without accommodation102 €

For dear father

  • Water and sauna centre family ticket (two adults and up to three children) for 2,5 hours
  • Hiiumaa Island Mud Massage, very suitable for dads (40 min.)

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