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Laulasmaa nature I Beach in Laulasmaa

Our Story

The story of LaSpa began in January 2021 when we as long time owners of the hotel property, took over the daily operation of the spa hotel. With the goal to turn LaSpa into a wellness oasis that would be an inspiration to all guests for making minor changes in day to day life to improve wellbeing and the feeling of happiness. But the story of the magical connection between our family and Laulasmaa started a long time before that, about which you can read more on this page.

We would like to warmly welcome you to our world of wellbeing by nature and invite you to experience all the amazing things that Laulasmaa has to offer. See here my recommendations of what all to experience while in Laulasmaa.

Anna Elam and Peter Elam Håkansson
The owners of LaSpa

Love at first sight

Anna and Peter first visited Laulasmaa 17 years ago when they travelled around Estonia with their then small four boys. The Elam family has always enjoyed active holidays. It was important to them to have activities to keep the children entertained, so they looked for beautiful beaches and hotels with swimming pools to spend their vacation at. Laulasmaa had just been renovated and looked very beautiful. There started a deep connection with the Elam family and Laulasmaa that has now tied them together in this beautiful wellbeing journey.

100 year connection

The LaSpa owner Peter Elam Håknasson’s grandfather Lars, travelled from Sweden to fight for Estonian ´ s independence hundred
years ago. Peter had heard stories about these adventures many times as a child and already then became very interested in the development of
the Baltics and the rest of Eastern Europe.

So as soon as an airline opened between Sweden and Estonia, he came for a visit. And already in
1994 Peter made his first investments in the Baltics, in 1997 he started East Capital with his companions and launched a Baltic equity fund 1998 that has invested into numerous businesses and helped them to grow. Today East Capital is a global fund manager with a focus on Emerging Markets. East Capital is also one of the largest real estate investors in the Baltics.

Inspire to a happier & healthier life

Our wish is to increase the wellbeing of our guests by inspiring them to make little changes in their daily lives to become healthier and feel better. 

For us, wellbeing is a special word that means so many different things. It’s the great feeling you get when you’re in one of our pools or saunas or have just completed a workout in our gym. And it’s that sense of total relaxation you experience after a long massage. Follow this with a healthy cup of tea stretched out on a chaise-longue in front of the fire in our wellness spa NAUDI LaSpa.

You can also find wellbeing in the great outdoors. It’s. . …

  • walking in the magical pine forest (something the Japanese call Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing in English). This is scientifically proven to have health benefits such as reduced blood pressure and even an improved immune system
  • jogging or hiking along the beach when the sun is shining in a clear blue sky — or even on a windy and rainy day — and feeling revitalised and rejuvenated
  • a windsurfing lesson when you manage to catch the wind in your sail, or yoga and meditation in the clean pine-scented air
  • definitely watching the sun set over the sea with a cold drink in your hand!

What could be better for your wellbeing than a long dinner with family and good friends? Angelica Udeküll’s Wicca Restaurant is one of the best in Estonia. You can enjoy local specialities prepared with the best natural ingredients and served with a fine glass of wine.

Laulasmaa nature I Beach in Laulasmaa

About the hotel

LaSpa resort is located between the pine forest and beautiful sandy beaches. The 11,000 square-foot hotel features 142 rooms, a 1,700 square-foot water and sauna centre, a brand new wellness centre Naudi LaSpa, a conference centre with seven different sized conference rooms and three restaurants.

Beautiful interiors are an essential part of the LaSpa experience. We are constantly improving the hotel facilities and have already come a long way. In 2021 we opened a completely remodelled wellness spa Naudi LaSpa and we are currently renovating all rooms in our Beach House. The next step now is to upgrade all our rooms and corridors also in the main building.

View that map of our resort here