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Swimming Pools

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Swimming pool

  • Depth 0,9-1,50 m
  • Temperature 27°

There is a 20-meter long swimming pool in our Water- and Sauna Centre with three lanes. The water temperature is 29c which is just right for leisurely swimming and also training. The shallow end of the pool is 0,9 m deep and the deeper end is 1,50 m deep.

Swimming pools I LaSpa spa hotel in Laulasmaa
Swimming pools I LaSpa spa hotel in Laulasmaa

Counter current swimming pool

  • Depth1,1 m
  • Temperature 32°

Our counter-current swimming pool offers a lot of fun for the small and big when swimming with the current but is also a great place to exercise when swimming against the current. Be careful when exiting the pool.

Children’s pool

  • Depth 0,35 m
  • Temperature 32°

Our children´s pool is a perfect place for smaller and bigger kids, it has enough warm water so that when you sit in the pool and splash around, you will not be cold. The mushroom fountain in the middle of the pool adds excitement and makes games in the water even more fun. We ask that babies who wear diapers use special swimming diapers or pants in the pool. Swimming diapers are also available at the water and sauna centre reception.  

Swimming pools I LaSpa spa hotel in Laulasmaa
LaSpa with kids I Jacuzzi I Swimming pools in Laulasmaa


  • Temperature 32°

Our jacuzzi seats comfortably 4 people and has an amazing view of nature. The warm and bubbly water has a calming effect and in addition to stress relief, it helps to relax muscles. A jacuzzi is a good place to start your spa experience. We recommend you relax in the pool for no longer than 30 minutes. Jacuzzi is not recommended for pregnant women and people with certain heart diseases.

Hydromassage pool

  • Depth 1,1 m
  • Temperature 32°

Right next to the children´s pool there is a pool with underwater massage water streams. There are massage places for feet, shoulders and other body parts. Water pressure helps to relax your mind and relieve muscle tension. We recommend you use the hydro massage pool after a good workout in our gym.

Water and sauna centre I Swimming pools I LaSpa spa hotel
Japanese bath I LaSpa swimming pools

Japanese bath

  • Depth 1,1 m
  • Temperature 41°

A truly hot bath will help to relax both your body and mind. Enter the Japanese bath carefully as to let your body get used to the hot water but once you are in sit upright in the pool so that your shoulders are under water. Japanese call their deep hot water bath Ofuro and it is very important in their bathing ritual. Ofuro is not meant for washing, it is a place for relaxing and warming yourself. We recommend not to be in the bath for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Outdoor pool

Depth 1,2 m

Temperature 20°

Our outdoor pool awaits you in any weather and is comfortably accessible from the pool area as well as from outside when you come from our outdoor sauna. The pool water is at 20c which is a perfect temperature to cool yourself after the sauna but warm enough to enjoy the sea winds or snowstorms from inside the pool when coming from the spa area.

Outdoor swimming pooI I LaSpa swimming pools