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Sun package


  • Body Scrub with Aromatic, Precious Spices (20 min.)

Let yourself be carried away by the delicate scents of this energising spice and sea salt treatment.

Tones sore muscles and relaxes joints.
Leaves skin soft and silky.

Treat yourself to a moment of well-being by this ancestral ritual inspired by beauty recipes and treatments from the Island of Java. This treatment is traditionally carried out in Indonesian villages during rainy season. Herbs and spices tone your sore muscles and relax joints. Let yourself be carried away by the delicate scents of this energising spice and sea salt treatment for soft and silky skin. We recommend using this treatment before an India Ayurveda massage ritual.

  • Tonifying Indian Ayurveda Ritual (50 min.)

Enjoy the vanilla and cardamom fragrances of this tonifying hot oil massage inspired by the millenary Indian tradition.

Relieves tension and relaxes the muscles
Traditional Ayurveda focuses on finding the balance between physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

  • Five Tropical Flowers Ritual for Face (20 min.)

The Five Tropical Flowers treatment gently cleanses the skin while boosting its radiance, combining therapy and deep relaxation.

Originating from a Balinese Ritual, this face treatment tones and illuminates the skin. Thanks to the association of five tropical flowers, the skin is thoroughly cleansed, and your complexion looks brighter. Let us take you on a mini-vacation to Bali island and let the treatment and Cinq Monde products give you a healthy glow. The practitioner will determine the products that are suitable for your skin’s needs and the more sensitive areas based on a personalised skin diagnosis before the treatment.