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Sculpturing massage

30 min | 55 €

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Swissline signature massage

Swissline's signature massage features perfect and thorough manual facial toning techniques that simultaneously tighten and strengthen facial muscles and smooth wrinkles. In addition, they help increase blood flow and strengthen the face's natural recovery and immune system. During the treatment, the facial skin is cleaned, massage is performed, and serum and cream are applied. NB! The Swissline sculpting facial massage also includes a buccal facial massage. This is done with the customer's consent. Buccal facial massage has been extensively researched and proven to be safe. Care must be taken if the client has had serious facial injuries in the past. Buccal facial massage works through a careful and precise form of massage therapy that takes place in the mouth. By gently massaging the inner cheek, tension and stress are slowly released. Massaging the different layers and ligaments of the muscle tissue of the cheek and around the mouth lifts the facial muscles and gives a clearer contour. In addition to treating the cheek muscles, this type of massage allows nutrients and oxygen to flow more smoothly, thereby contributing to the body's natural process of excreting toxins and giving healthier and smoother skin.