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Comprehensive health assessment

Comprehensive health assessment

We invite you to have your fundamental health indicators measured during the first day of the Academy, allowing you to attain a thorough understanding of your essential health indicators in a convenient manner.

Utilizing cutting-edge body composition analysis technology, we facilitate a meticulous examination encompassing vital parameters. This includes precise assessments of body mass index, fat composition (including visceral fat levels), muscle mass percentage, and waist circumference. Additionally, we offer precise measurements of blood pressure and SpO2 (Oxygen saturation), delivering a holistic overview of your physiological state.

Through non-intrusive capillary blood samples, we adeptly gauge blood sugar, cholesterol, and haemoglobin levels. The hallmark of our service lies in the immediacy of results, ensuring that you receive real-time data to address your health concerns proactively.

All analysis results are available immediately. Following the analysis, a nurse specialist provides feedback and offers guidance on further steps. Each participant will receive a report detailing their health indicators. The entire process takes approximately 20 minutes, and there is no need for any special conditions (such as fasting) prior to the procedures.

Elevate your journey towards holistic wellbeing and book your assessment at Embrace this opportunity to take a proactive step towards understanding and enhancing your overall health.

LaSpa Health Academy

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