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Nutritional therapy holds significant importance in our daily lives. This service is provided by Maarja Randväli, a healthcare specialist who serves as a nutritional therapist and specialist nurse with a focus on endocrinology.

Nutrition therapy aids in comprehending the principles of healthy eating and educates individuals on maintaining a balanced diet. It encompasses food groups, the significance of nutrients, and their impact on health. Tailoring a nutritional strategy to meet one’s body requirements, health condition, and lifestyle is essential. Within nutritional therapy, the emphasis lies on individual needs, offering personalised guidance. It assists individuals in attaining a healthy weight and imparts knowledge about a balanced diet supporting weight loss or maintenance.

Service includes:

  • Counselling on nutrition related to specific diseases
  • Evaluation of the patient’s nutritional status (collection and analysis of the client’s dietary habits),
  • Collaborative goal-setting with the patient,
  • Development of a counselling plan outlining the number and content of sessions, guidance on dietary changes (personalised nutritional advice and cooking recommendations), and assessment of achieved results.
  • Appropriate nutrition plays a role in preventing numerous diseases and health issues while bolstering the immune system. Nutritional therapy aids in consciously selecting foods that promote the body’s health and overall well-being.

Proper nutrition helps prevent several illnesses and health issues while strengthening the immune system. Nutritional therapy assists in consciously selecting foods that support the body’s health and well-being.

We offer the service in either Estonian or English, according to preference.

The first appointment lasts for 45 minutes and costs 69€.

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