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Our friends the farmers and small producers

The stars of our dishes are local seasonal produce from the forest, sea and field that are combined with the power of flowers and herbs. For us it is very important to use pyre and organic produce that empower our dishes. In this section we introduce to you our friends the farmers and small producers where we source products from.

Organic free grown chickens in our dishes

Organic free grown chickens have more space in the hens and if they feel like they can nap on the wooden ladders. When the weather is warm they walk around the yard, thus they have considerably better living conditions than chickens grown in big factories.

On organic chicken farms the chicken are fed organically grown food, produced right there on the Äntu manor house grounds. This food does not contain traces of fertilizers and is GMO free.

Free grown organic chickens live considerably longer than chickens in the factories.

Thanks to all the above the organic free grown chickens meat is culinary much more valuable and delicious.

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