LaSpa Academy team

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Anna Elam

  • LaSpa Chairwoman with a passion for health & wellbeing and owner of LaSpa (together with husband Peter Elam Håkansson)
  • Founder of the LaSpa Health & Wellbeing Academy
  • Education: Stockholm School of Economics and a year of Physiology studies at Karolinska Institutet
  • CEO of Estate, Holding company of the East Capital Group
Anna Elam
LaSpa Health Academy Maarja Randväli

Maarja Randväli

  • Junior researcher, Nutrition therapist
  • Long-term experience with health-related projects and practical experience in clinical and academic nursing
  • Education: Clinical nursing and nutritional therapy Tartu University of Health Care, management of health care organization Tallinn University, doctoral studies in the field of diabetes Tallinn University
  • Junior researcher, Tallinn University, Nutrition therapist Confido AS, Health and wellbeing project manager LaSpa